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Here's What You'll Learn:

3 Different Ways To Do A Smoky Eye

As a makeup artist, I hear all the time that women want to know how to do a smoky eye, but it sounds so complicated they don't know where to start. And they are worried about looking like they have black eyes, or look like a raccoon, that they don't even try! I created this mini course to share with you 3 different ways you can create a beautiful smoky eye that looks sexy, but still like you! Look 1 is a simple, 4 Step Smoky Eye. Look 2 is a Light Smoky Eye, perfect for daytime or a special event where you want to look dressy but not too glamorous. Look 3 is a Dark Smoky Eye, that is smoldering, glamorous and just a little over the top, without making you look like someone you don't recognize. You'll also learn how to do a flawless face as your foundation for whichever smoky eye you choose.

What's Included In the Course:

You'll get 4 video tutorials with a single subject each: a Flawless Face to go along with each smoky eye look, a 4 Step Smoky Eye, a Light Smoky Eye, and a Dark Smoky Eye. You'll also get a PDF Guide for each video that goes over generic color and specific product suggestions to get to create each look.


“I’ve been really enjoying it! The products you suggested for me are super manageable. I’m getting a lot better with the eye makeup and learning how to make it more dramatic at night when I go out. My favorite thing though is that it’s all super easy to do and I can do some of it or all of it and I still look like myself! It only takes me about 10 minutes tops to do everything and I love that. And when I go out with my girlfriends and take photos, I look like I actually planned on going out and didn’t just head out on a whim without putting makeup on. ”

Lynette Boyle, PhotographerLynette Boyle, Photographer

“I feel so much better about myself now that I have some basic, quick makeup tips. My lesson was so so helpful! Melissa is great at explaining things in a way that makes sense. She also helped me learn how to mix my current products with new stuff which was great!!! I’ve definitely benefited from our session together. As a new mom I want to feel good about my appearance but I don't always have the time. Melissa’s tips helped me immensely!! I love that Melissa knows how to make natural makeup look like perfection. ”

Melanie Kluger, Stylist and Creator of The Confident ClosetMelanie Kluger, Stylist and Creator of The Confident Closet

“Melissa is a makeup guru! I love a smokey eye look, but have been too intimidated to try to rock it on my own. I was confused by my eyeshadow palette, what brushes to use, and how to apply it all. I wanted guidance, and Melissa’s smokey-eye tutorial was exactly what I needed in my life. First, I LOVE Melissa’s energy. She makes applying makeup so fun. She has such a calm way of explaining everything, and makes me excited to experiment with new looks.I honestly feel like I am hanging out and doing makeup with a girlfriend when I watch her videos! She keeps it low stress and simple. She knows exactly how to guide you into doing makeup looks that makes you feel natural and gorgeous. Melissa’s tutorials are for real, every-day wear. She is all about creating a look that highlights your features, but doesn’t make you feel like you are hiding behind makeup. I seriously felt so empowered after this video. And I am excited to say that I can confidently rock a smokey eye now!”

Abby HelferAbby Helfer

“I totally recommend this class! It ignited the fire in me to do my makeup and it's not just about the makeup- it's about adding pleasure and carving out a little extra time for myself. I'm noticing a shift already. Thank you!”

Angela KorantengAngela Koranteng

Doing your makeup is a form of self care.

When you put yourself first by spending time on your makeup, hair and wearing an outfit you feel good in, you start your day on a more positive note!

Spending time on yourself to do your makeup, hair, or whatever beauty routine you choose is an important part of self care, and showing yourself that you deserve to be taken care of! And if you have somewhere fun to go, like a date night with your love, a fun girl's night out, or a special event, it's so much fun to be able to pamper yourself with a makeup look that will help you feel beautiful and like an elevated version of yourself. When you feel good about yourself, it shows to everyone around you. You stand taller, smile more, wink at yourself every time you walk by a mirror, and you radiate joy and positive energy. People are drawn to you, even if they're not sure why. You attract abundance, happiness and kindness when you exude confidence in yourself. This class teaches you a way to express your feminine and sensual self in a way that's fun, and shares a bolder side of yourself.
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Melissa Hoffmann

Melissa Hoffmann

Makeup Artist & Life Coach

Melissa is a professional Makeup Artist and Life Coach living in Sacramento, Ca. Melissa has been doing makeup and hair for luxury weddings, commercial and lifestyle photoshoots for the past 12 years. Melissa became known for her effortless and natural beauty looks, and because of this she became sought out by women who wanted to look like themselves, but like an elevated version of themselves. All of her clients would tell her how they wished she could do their hair and makeup every day, and how they felt like she made them look like the best versions of themselves. Melissa would often hear from her clients how they never wore makeup because they didn't know how to apply it, and when they had tried to learn from YouTube or the makeup counter it became overwhelming so they stopped trying. She realized that there was a need for women to learn how to do their makeup in an easy way that helped them look natural and like an elevated version of themselves. After working as a highly successful makeup artist for several years, Melissa received certifications as a Life Coach and Intimacy & Trauma Informed Coach. Her mission is to help women feel confident and like the best version of themselves so they can live a life that lights them up. Melissa lives with her husband, adorable toddler son, bunny and senior chihuahua. They all enjoy snuggling on the couch, watching good TV, and eating yummy food and wine (wine only for mommy and daddy!).

Learn the simple skills to be your own makeup artist.

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